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Nicola, a traveling musical ambassador for historic horns and brass instruments, has a phenomenal passion for music that he enjoys sharing with others. He's dedicated to developing a love of music in every generation.

Nicola’s passion for music brought him from the traditional music stage to new, modern stages.

“Music must be near people. The musician must get off the stage and bring music to life within people.”

Some of Nicola’s shows include:

AsperMusic - about Asperger syndrome
MilkMusic - about breastfeading
HornGlobetrotter - a historic journey through the wide world of brass instruments
The Musician’s Stories

Awake in Venice
Coffee’s Ballade

Nicola’s composing abilities create many wonderful fairy tales for children up to eight years of age. The stories include:

Martin and Grandpa’s Case
Mr. Pipe
The Music Trains
Animal’s Journey
The Big Tim Tam
Arthur’s Rainbow
Charpentier’s Story
Mozart’s Story
Bach’s Story
Mr. Till Eulenspiegel
The Cricket

Coming soon: Journey throught Music of Venice during the Serenissima

Nicola’s musical virtues permit him to create an interesting atmosphere. His lectures about music are always direct, straightforward and emotionally objective. Invite Nicola to speak at your school!

Music lectures (adults, young adults and music students)
Antonio Vivaldi: The Red Priest - Antonio Vivaldi’s life and compositions
Renaissance Music in Venice
The French Horn Beauty - story, technique, uses
Music and Silence - why silence can be more important than music

Music workshops (all ages)

The Orchestra and Nicola’s world
The Brass family
The String family
The Percussion family
The Woodwind family

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