Please see the listing below of my past events:


Sound the Horn!
Discover the wide world of horn instruments in this fun-filled, all-ages concert! See, hear and experience a variety of antique and modern horns. Learn how different instruments are used to make different sounds. Make the sound of a helicopter, an animal, the wind and the sea! This is your chance to discover just how big the alphorn really is. Bring the whole family!

Write music with me!
Famous composers used to create music with only a pen and a piece of paper. Now, anyone can replicate music of all kinds with the help of a computer! See how the computer can translate the written note into sound. Then, watch HornGlobetrotter use different instruments to create a variety of sound effects and emotions. Ever wonder how to make happy, scary or suspenseful music? HornGlobetrotter will show you!

Music Discovery
Classical music at its best! Learn about classical music history while listening to a variety of musical instruments.

HornGlobetrotter's Art Café
HornGlobetrotter’s Art Cafe focuses on music and poetry, and the incredible way music can be combined with words. Delicious coffee and desserts will be served.

Music FairyTales
Hey kids! Come to a fun-filled afternoon of fairy tale stories set to music. Hear our new stories!

A Night in Venice
From savory appetizers to decadent desserts, our elaborate Italian dinner buffet is sure to impress! Listen to beautiful music while you sip wine and enjoy mouth-watering, authentic Italian food.

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